YoungHoon Kim is a member of the United Giga Society.

Y. H. Bryan Kim is the Executive Director of the United Sigma Intelligence Association (USIA). Mr. Kim is the Steering Committee Member at the Complex Biological Systems Alliance. He is the Chief Coordinating Officer (CCO) at the World Academy of Medical Sciences. He is the Vice-President for Asia at the Gifted High IQ Network and the Genius High IQ Network. He is the former South Korean Grader (voluntary arbiter) at the World Memory Championships and 1st Asia Memory Championships (2015 in HongKong organized by Andy Fong). He is the Senior Advisor at the World Memory Championships of Hong Kong, and Korea Memory Sports Association.

Mr. Kim is a Global Strategy Officer at the IQ Olympiad (Foundation), which was founded by Ronald K. Hoeflin, the founder of Mega Society and Prometheus Society. He is the Vice-President at the Olympiq Society. He is an Officer at the Esoteriq Soceity. Mr. Kim is a Full Member of the Mega Society, Olympiq Society, Omega Society, Esoteriq Society, United Giga Society, Triple Nine Society, and Mensa.

He is an Advisory Board Member of the Lifeboat Foundation, working with Ray Kurzweil, Dr. Damiss Hassabis, Dr. Stephen Wolfram, Dr. Daniel Dennett, and Nobel Laureate Daniel Kahneman. He is an Honorary Member of the International Longevity Alliance.

Score: ≥ IQ 190 (SD15)
Test Name: Genius Entrance Test
Test Author: Nikolaos U. Soulios
Raw Score: 40/40

Score: IQ 189 (SD15)
Test Name: Matriq
Test Author: Nikolaos U. Soulios
Raw Score: 33/40