Evangelos Katsioulis is a member of the United Giga Society; Dr. Katsioulis works as public speacker, psychotherapist, and psychiatrist.

Katsioulis is known for his high intelligence test scores. There are several reports that he has achieved the highest scores ever recorded on IQ tests designed to measure exceptional intelligence.

Katsioulis has a reported IQ of 205 on the Stanford-Binet scale with standard deviation (sd) 16, which is equivalent to an IQ of 198.4 on the Wechsler scale with sd 15, which is equivalent to an IQ of 258 on the Cattell scale with sd 24. Statistical interpretation of these numbers estimates that Katsioulis’ performance, when assuming a normal Gaussian distribution of IQ scores in the general population, is to be expected in one out of every 38,000,000,000 people.

He earned an M.D., Medical Doctor Diploma (2000), M.Sc., Medical Research Technology (2003), M.A., Philosophy (2012), and Ph.D., Psychopharmacology (2015).