About GIGA Society since 2001

The official Giga Society 190 is the world’s most exclusive high IQ society for those who scored IQ 190 SD15 on the high range IQ test. The society has a vision to become an official society for people with Giga level IQ 190.

When referring to this society, both the “Giga Society 190” or the “Giga Society” can be used. Giga means 1 billion, and Giga Society is a society of people with an IQ of 1 in 1 billion.

Giga Society 190 was originally established in 2001 as the Esoteriq Society. The Giga Society 190 shares the history and spirit of the Esoteriq Society. Currently, the two societies are operating independently.

Currently, Evangelos Katsioulis, MD, PhD serves as President of Giga Society 190, while Masaaki Yamauchi, BSc and Iakovos Koukas, MSc serve as Vice-President.

Type Requirement Qualifications

1) High range IQ test score ≥ IQ 190 SD15 (1st attempt)

2) One test would be limited only per one member.

3) Tests are adopted through review by external psychologists and internal administrators.

Membership Types
Type Requirement Lifetime Membership

1) There is only full membership at the Giga Society 190.

2) Membership is free of charge

Membership Benefits

1)The function of the Giga Society 190 is to certify the GIGA intelligence level of each member. Therefore, all Giga Society 190 members can obtain an official IQ 190 SD15 certificate from the society.

2) Members also share secret forums where they can talk to each other and work on secret projects together.